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We have specialized courses for both Dev and Ops professionals, which would help them to transform themselves into proficient devops practitioners.

Testing Automation

In software testing, test automations are to control the execution of tests and the comparison.Test automation can automate some repetitive but necessary tasks in a formalized testing process.

Continous Integration

Continues integration means that whenever a developer checks in code to the source repository, a build is automatically deploy the application to an environment.

Automation & DevOps

DevOps provides a means for automating repetitive tasks within the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Software Programming

Software programming involves using computer language to develop program. Programmers design program to carry out some functions.

IT and Security

Information technology is the blood of business or organisation. We can help you to connect that information and make it easy to access and use .

DevOps FreeLancers

Finding Skilledfull DevOps Freelancer is one of most difficult jobs whereas most of the skilled ful DevOps Engineer is being hired by Top Startups and Top Software Company in the world! Usually organizationn ask for automation, continuous delivery, and DevOps practices. But without addressing the underlying problems of right DevOps skill, we make poor use of tools, or apply them to the wrong problems, which ultimately codifies and automates failure. Most of the challenges aren’t in poor tools,but in systemic challenges and quality of DevOps practices. Addressing these issues is a key component of organisational success. .

What our client think about us

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Rahul Ruhela

Rajesh is very good trainer with very good technical knowledge. He was able to resolve our queries effectively with the proper live example



Great training! Excellent materials and presentations. I can take what I learned and start practicing for my future perspective. Rajesh provided great depth on the topics that were covered and was able to discuss off-topic areas as well



Rajesh is very good trainer. Rajesh was able to resolve our queries and question effectively. We really liked the hands-on examples covered during this training program. Training content used for training was also very good.


Ravi Daur

Good training session about basic Devops concepts. Working session were also good, however proper query resolution was sometimes missed, maybe due to time constraint.



"Rajesh touched a lot of Devops topics and resolved a lots of related queries and doubts. The mentoring method is really smooth and helpful."


Kshitiij Gupta

The training with scmGalaxy was a good experience. Rajesh was very helping and clear with concepts. The only suggestion is to improve the course content. It should be well managed and many improvements needed.