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Top 50 Linux Commands for Scuring Linux Server

1. passwd Command: Changes a user’s password. Example: 2. useradd Command: Creates a new user account. Example:- 3. userdel Command Deletes a user account. Example :- 4….

Linux Commands to Troubleshoot Network Issues

In this tutorial we’re going to share Top linux commands to Troubleshoot Network Issues. Linux systems’ performance, one must look for difficulties with the CPU, RAM, disc…

How to Install Redis GUI on Desktop ?

In this tutoriall we’re going to learn how to install Redis GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Desktop. I have to describe very easy steps how to download…

How to give specific folder permission in linux

In this tutorial im going to learn how to going how to give folder permission in linux. Just copy below command and go to inside your folder…

How to Use Fail2ban to Secure Your Server ?

What is fail2ban ? Fail2Ban is like a bouncer for your server. It’s a security tool that helps protect your system from brute-force attacks by monitoring log…

Using of Mod-security2 for Protection Against Web Application Attacks ?

What is Mod-security2 ? ModSecurity2 is an open-source web application firewall (WAF) for Apache. It helps to protect web applications from a variety of attacks, including SQL injection,…

ERROR: Couldn’t determine iptables version

In this tutorial im going to solve this error ERROR: Couldn’t determine iptables version. Error : – Solution:- If the iptables command is not installed, you can…

How to Check Project Size in Linux ?

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to check installed project size on Linux, so just copy below command and run your terminals. Output:-

How to Restrict/Block IP Address using .htaccess File?

In this tutorial I’m going to learn how to block any IP Address using .htaccess file so follow this tutorial we ‘have demonstrated in very easy way….