Using of Chunk function increase the Mysql query performance ?

What is Chunk function ?

The chunk method in Laravel is primarily designed to help with memory efficiency rather than directly improving MySQL query performance. It allows you to process large result sets in smaller “chunks” to avoid loading the entire dataset into memory at once. This can be beneficial when dealing with large datasets to prevent memory exhaustion.

Perfomance of using Chunk function ?

  1. Memory Efficiency: When retrieving a large result set, fetching all records at once can consume a significant amount of memory. By using chunk, you process and handle a subset of records at a time, reducing the overall memory footprint.
  2. Avoiding Timeout Issues: For long-running processes, especially in environments with script execution time limits, using chunk can help avoid script timeout issues. It ensures that the process is executed in smaller increments, preventing timeouts.

While chunk itself doesn’t directly optimize the underlying MySQL query, it indirectly contributes to better performance by addressing memory-related challenges. If you’re looking to optimize MySQL queries, you might want to focus on other aspects like proper indexing, query structure, and database design.

Example of Chunk function

public function get_organisation()
         $getting_organisation = [];

        Organisation::latest()->chunkById(200, function ($organisations) use (&$getting_organisation) {
            foreach ($organisations as $organisation) {
                $getting_organisation[] = $organisation;
        }, 'id');

        Log::info('coming all organisation in organisation page', ['data_count' => count($getting_organisation)]);
        return view('organization-page', compact('getting_organisation'));


Now open network and check the response timing.

Before of using Chunk function

After using of chunk function its reducing too much timing.

Thanks for learning. 👍👍

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