What is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE ?

TRUNCATE and DELETE are both used to remove data from a table in Laravel, but they have some important differences.

What is TRUNCATE ?

TRUNCATE is a DDL (Data Definition Language) statement that removes all rows from a table. It is a much faster operation than DELETE because it does not log each individual row deletion. However, TRUNCATE cannot be rolled back, which means that the data is lost forever if there is an error.

What is DELETE ?

DELETE is a DML (Data Manipulation Language) statement that removes rows from a table based on a WHERE clause. It is a slower operation than TRUNCATE because it logs each individual row deletion. However, DELETE can be rolled back, which means that the data can be recovered if there is an error.

Here is a table summarizing the key differences between TRUNCATE and DELETE:

LoggingDoes not logLogs each row deletion
RollbackCannot be rolled backCan be rolled back
WHERE clauseCannot use a WHERE clauseCan use a WHERE clause

In general, you should use TRUNCATE when you want to remove all rows from a table quickly and you do not need to be able to roll back the operation. You should use DELETE when you need to remove specific rows from a table or when you need to be able to roll back the operation.

Here are some examples of how to use TRUNCATE and DELETE in Laravel:


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